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Pedro Espada's new ad in state Senate race calls Gustavo Rivera a puppet


State Sen. Pedro Espada Jr. has a new ad out in which he literally squashes opponent Gustavo Rivera under a giant boot.

A blog called The Borrero Report last week broke news of the campaign ad portraying Mr. Rivera, Mr. Espada’s main opponent in the race for the 33rd District seat, as a puppet for “outsiders” — all of them white.

The ad lists 32-BJ Leader Mike Fishman, Working Family (yes, it should be Families) Party Director Dan Cantor, state Sen. Liz Kruger and The New Roosevelt Initiative’s Bill Samuels as culprits who the action-flick-like voiceover proclaims are “trying to take our power away from us” by replacing Mr. Espada — “Our voice in the state Senate.”

We should soon be hearing more from Mr. Espada, who bought $18,096 of Cablevision airtime for 552 spots through Monday, Sept. 13, according to Andy Vazquez, director of sales for News 12.