Queens, Bronx lead in COVID-19 nursing home deaths


Nearly 12,200 people in New York have died from complications related to COVID-19 through Friday — a number that continues to climb by the hundreds each day — but new data released by the governor's office shows a quarter of those deaths are coming from nursing homes and adult care facilities.

For the first time, New York is breaking down the number of coronavirus-related deaths by individual senior citizen facilities — but only if they have at least five reported deaths. 

Still, that has generated a list of 67 nursing homes and four adult care facilities. While all the adult care facilities were on Long Island, the nursing homes were spread out throughout New York City — with a few upstate — including nine facilities in the Bronx reporting 166 total deaths. 

The hardest hit? Kings Harbor Multicare Center in Pelham Gardens with 45 deaths through April 15. Among those closer to home, St. Patrick's Home Rehabilitation and Health Care on Van Cortlandt Park South reported 15 deaths, while The Plaza Rehabilitation and Nursing Center on West Kingsbridge Road had 35 people die from COVID-19 complications.

Reported deaths included not just those that were confirmed related to the coronavirus, but also those that are suspected. State officials say they plan to separate those numbers in future reports.

Cobble Hill Health Center in Brooklyn had the most deaths of a single facility with 55, while three others beside Kings Harbor reporting at least 40 — Franklin Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing in Flushing, Queens (44); ArchCare's Carmel Richmond Nursing Home on Staten Island (44); and Holliswood Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing in Hollis, Queens (40).

In all, the Bronx has 472 reported nursing home fatalities related to the coronavirus, along with 73 more at adult care facilities. Queens County led the way in New York City with 734 deaths — 611 in nursing homes. Brooklyn's Kings County had 427 deaths with 353 in nursing homes.  

Manhattan's New York County had 215 nursing home deaths and 10 from adult care facilities, while Staten Island's Richmond County reported 122 deaths, with 100 of those from nursing homes.

Other counties with high nursing home and adult care facility deaths included Long Island's Nassau County with 373, and Suffolk County with 353, while Westchester County reported 256 deaths.

More than half of New York's 62 counties have reported no deaths in nursing homes or adult care facilities.

A vast majority of New York's overall coronavirus-related deaths occur with people older than 60. Less than 16 percent of all deaths in the state have involved someone younger than 60. 

Nearly 89 percent of all the deaths have involved people who suffered from some other serious medical condition, according to state health department data. Hypertension remains the leader among those with secondary conditions, involved in nearly 7,000 of New York's deaths. Also high on the list are those with diabetes, which has claimed more than 4,500 lives. 

Overall, more than 1,700 people have died in the Bronx from complications related to COVID-19, topped only by Queens with more than 2,300 deaths, and Brooklyn with nearly 2,600. Manhattan is close behind the Bronx with a little more than 1,600.

Nursing Home/Adult Care Facilities Deaths

  1. Cobble Hill Health Center, Brooklyn — 55
  2. Kings Harbor Multicare Center, Bronx — 45
  3. Franklin Center Rehabilitation and Nursing, Queens — 44
  4. ArchCare Carmel Richmond Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, Staten Island — 44
  5. Holliswood Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare, Queens — 40
  6. Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation, Queens — 38
  7. The Plaza Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, Bronx — 35
  8. Bensonhurst Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare, Brooklyn — 34
  9. Mary Manning Walsh Nursing Home, Manhattan — 31
  10. Regency Extended Care Center, Yonkers — 30

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