RiverSpring Living president, CEO to take over reins of River’s Edge

Pomeranz will replace Reingold as head of RiverSpring


RiverSpring Living COO David V. Pomeranz has been selected the new president and chief executive of RiverSpring Living, effective April 1. Daniel Reingold, the previous president and CEO, will oversee the launch of the 32-acre RiverSpring’s River’s Edge community.

Pomeranz has been the RiverSpring Living COO for about 38 years and Reingold has served as head of RiverSpring for 35 years.

“It has been an honor and privilege to work with a visionary board and dedicated management team to build one of the nation’s most prominent and innovative long term care organizations,” Reingold said. “I am very proud to have David succeed me as president & CEO and I am very excited to have the opportunity to bring River’s Edge to fruition as it will be an iconic model of living for a new generation of older adults.”

As Pomeranz takes his new position, Reingold will move into the role of president and chief executive for River’s Edge, New York City’s first life plan community that will feature 270 independent living apartments.

Reingold will also become the senior advisor to and vice chair of the board of trustees of the RiverSpring Living entities and its holding company as well as vice chairman of the board of Trustees of RiverSpring Living Holding Corp. Under Reingold’s leadership the organization has gone from serving 1,000 residents to 18,000.

“I look forward to building on our successes in meeting the diverse and changing needs of older adults,” Pomeranz said in a statement. “Creating greater awareness of our services and utilizing game changing technology will be instrumental in positioning us for growth. I am excited to be working closely with our board and dynamic team.”

Leading up to this move, Pomeranz led the Hauser Care Connect model, which works to advance new technologies to care for the needs of older adults.

He also led the charge during COVID-19 to transition a campus building into a 150-bed COVID recovery center. He also helped to build relationships with the New York Presbyterian hospital system.

Reingold’s transition to overseeing the River’s Edge project comes at no surprise, as the project was one he has pushed for during his tenure.

River’s Edge is a highly anticipated development both on the RiverSpring campus and in the greater New York City community. Being the first of its kind for the city provides the unique opportunity of allowing RiverSpring to set the tone. Reingold has expressed his excitement for the project.

“We offer a beautiful setting, a vibrant lifestyle, and resort-style amenities,” Reingold said. “Residents get seamless access to future care options right here on campus, providing them with peace of mind and financial security.”

The goal of life plan communities like River’s Edge is creating independence while offering long-term care.

Due to RiverSpring’s expansive campus and wide offerings in terms of care residents at River’s Edge would have access to all kinds of care whenever necessary.

If a resident needed minor rehabalitation they could choose outpatient care and continue to live at home while not having to travel far for care. Other options are staying within the rehab facility but being close would allow their spouse to come visit without hassle.

According to RiverSpring, part of the draw is allowing for a simple transition when needed while providing luxury care.

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