RKA’s after-school clubs making name for small school

Sports to Model UN and Money Inc., school has earned accolades


Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, a small school in the Bronx has silently made a name for itself in the world of extracurricular activities. Despite its size, The Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy has dominated prestigious competitions and events, earning recognition and community praise.

The school, which includes a high school and middle school located in a modest building, has a senior student body of only 157 students, making it one of the smallest schools in the area. However, what RKA lacks in size, its students make up for in their dedication to strive to constantly aim for the mountain.

The school’s extracurricular program offers a wide range of activities, including sports, Model UN, Science Olympiad, and Money Inc. — a club that prepares young students to be future entrepreneurs.

That club has accumulated more than 40 members, laying the foundation for a financial backbone when they graduate.

“Helping fellow youth understand the world of finance, and ideas of entrepreneurship will prepare them for future financial stability, and prepare them for a future career,” said Vladislav Krivoshein, the club’s founder.  The program uses simulations for the stock market to see how the students would do.

Recently established student clubs have been creating a stir in some of the most fiercely contested Model UN conferences, such as the one held at Columbia University in January.

“I believe there existed a vacuum at RKA lacking academic extracurriculars,” said founder and vice president Admir Radoncic. “I believe competition and compromise are vital in life and Model UN was the perfect fit to build on these qualities.”

Even though the club is small, consisting of only 20 students, they have managed to compete against renowned schools from as far away as Greece and California.

Furthermore, the school’s success was not limited to that as they also achieved dominance in the Science Olympiad, surpassing well-known schools like Horace Mann School and Bronx High School of Science. The students accomplished this feat by designing lightweight airplanes powered by rubber bands and bungee-cord propelled catapults, propelling them into the competition.

Teacher Patrick Devery attributes the school’s success to its focus on providing students with a well-rounded education.

“These clubs can pique a kid’s interest in what they find interesting and pursue that in college,” he said. “Kids that don’t do well in regular classes can really shine in these clubs.”

The school’s dedication to its extracurricular activities has been recognized by the community, with members raising funds for the softball team to purchase additional equipment. By providing students with opportunities to pursue their interests and hone skills that will serve them well into the future, the school has made a valuable contribution to their personal and academic growth.

Even in wrestling, RKA had the chance to host the city championships where athletes Tab-e-Tar Agborenow and Nicholas Dersamo conquered their weight class to later compete in the state championships.

As the school establishes a reputation for itself in the realm of extracurricular pursuits, its faculty and students take pride in representing their small yet formidable institution in the Bronx.

In the same way that bees contribute to the thriving of a beehive, the students at RKA work together to enhance the standing of their school.

The author is a student at Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy

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