Royal Highness visits Lehman College


Lehman College welcomed royalty on Oct. 25.

The queen’s cousin, Prince Richard, a member of the British royal family — known by his title, the Duke of Gloucester — visited the school to reaffirm the commonwealth of students.

CUNY chancellor Félix Matos Rodriguez and Lehman president Fernando Delgado thanked him for the royal highnesses patronage of the St. George’s Society of New York and support of scholarships.

St. George’s Society’s mission statement is “people helping people for 250 years.” It was initially meant to provide financial help for British immigrants in New York. However, it has been expanded to people who can trace their heritage to Britain or one of the 56 Commonwealth nations — Nigeria, Trinidad, Jamaica and Ghana.

Lehman’s relationship with the organization began in 2009 and generated more than $1.2 million in scholarships for seniors who need financial support.

There are nearly 350 students who are primarily first-generation students of color.

Fourteen students had the honor to speak with the duke.

The Duke took a tour of the campus, including the new nursing, education, research, and practice center, which is still under construction. More than 30 percent of St. George scholars are nursing and human scholar majors.

Lehman College, Prince Richard, St. George's Society