Sedgwick violent robbery


A woman was beaten and robbed while on the 4800 block of Sedgwick Avenue on July 19 around noon.

According to police two males tried to snatch a necklace from around her neck, then choked and punched her while removing the chain. While on the ground, she was then kicked again by one of the perps.

The victim was transported to New York-Presbyterian Allen Hospital.

No arrests have been made.

Scammer alert

A woman reported to police that she was defrauded of hundreds of dollars on July 18.

She told investigators that she received a call that day from someone claiming to be from Amazon and that her account had been hacked.

She then handed over personal information, including the last four digits of her bank card, where  $500 was stolen.

The case is still under investigation.

robbery, fraud, Amazon, Sedgewick Avenue, assault