Some good news, bad news from Dems' November meeting


(The following is a letter sent to residents of the 81st Assembly District, encompassing the neighborhoods of Riverdale, Norwood, Wakefield, Fieldston, Woodlawn, Kingsbridge, North Riverdale, and Spuyten Duyvil.)

Here is some positive news from Nov. 15’s New York State Democratic Committee meeting: 

A resolution advocating for climate justice and green renewables passed unanimously through the executive board. It was my privilege to co-sign this resolution, which specifically calls for an end to high-emission “peaker” power plants and addresses climate inequities through equitable distribution of tree planting, forestry projects, and flooding infrastructure statewide. As a mother, I am deeply concerned about the environment, clean air, and the well-being of our children, and I am committed to tirelessly advocating for a healthier future for our community and all communities in New York.

Another crucial battle I’m championing within the New York State Democratic Committee is party reform, emphasizing the need for transparency. It activates community involvement, builds trust, and encourages voter participation. Transparent practices, including a clear party platform and funding sources, ensure accountability, reduce misinformation, and empower an informed electorate for a stronger democratic process.

I stand firm in my pledge to create more openness within our party. Working alongside fellow Democratic State Committee members from the Hudson Valley, my colleagues and I proposed resolutions focused on reforming the Democratic Party and fostering transparency statewide.

The resolutions called for additional State Committee meetings, time for caucuses, and increased access to vital information for all Democratic State Committee members and Democratic voters. This includes access to the New York Dems executive board agendas, meeting minutes, the operating budget, and the fundraising plan. All of this information should be easily accessible on the New York State Democratic Party’s website in the near future (nydems.org).

Unfortunately, a few resolutions calling for party reforms were not passed. 

Despite strong support from the chair of the Rural Democratic Caucus, a resolution calling on the state party to allocate $5,000 to each Democratic county committee for operational costs did not pass. This funding was intended to assist county committees in establishing websites, managing databases, creating newsletters, and engaging in local party-building activities. The chair emphasized that this financial support was crucial for strengthening the Democratic presence in rural counties.

Another resolution, likely the most contentious one, proposed a substantial financial investment by the state party for a dedicated social media platform for New York Democrats. This platform would be utilized by county and state committee members, district leaders, elected officials, and volunteers for Democratic campaigns. It would provide a space for Democrats to communicate, organize, volunteer statewide, share ideas, and, most importantly, fortify our electoral party. 

While I shared concerns about the sizable investment required, it is evident that this tool (the Democratic Civic Network) is long overdue for the New York State Democratic Party. I strongly believe a resource like this would help us elect Democrats at all levels of government. I had hoped to support an amendment proposed by Democratic State Committee member Ben Yee to reduce the initial investment and explore a one-year trial test of the platform, but the resolution did not pass.

When I ran for Democratic State Committee, my goal was to create a more transparent and inclusive Democratic party in the northwest Bronx and New York State. It has been a privilege to work with like-minded Democratic State Committee members who share this vision. Your ongoing support is invaluable.

I look forward to working with you this year towards a stronger and more open Democratic party.


The author is one of Assembly District 81’s Democratic State Committee members. 

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