State Democrats update platform


To the editor:

I am Morgan Evers, one of your elected state Democratic Committee Members representing the 81st Assembly District.

Part of my role is to listen to the concerns and opinions of our community members and ensure they are reflected in the Democratic Party’s platform. Committee members achieve this by writing and passing resolutions during our biannual meetings.

I had the privilege of co-signing three significant resolutions at the recent state Democratic Committee meeting on May 11 in Albany. These resolutions:

• provide services for New Yorkers struggling with mental health and substance abuse;

• enhance tenant protections and increase the available stock of affordable housing in New York state; and

• create an LGBTQIA+-inclusive curriculum in public schools.

The mental health and substance abuse, and tenant protections resolutions were amended, passed and will be included in the state Democratic Party’s platform. The tenants protection resolution was originally drafted to support Good Cause Eviction (S.0305). However, the state committee did not reach a consensus on supporting Good Cause Eviction, but did agree to prioritize tenant protections and support efforts to expand statewide affordable housing options.

Our resolution advocating for a LGBTQIA+-inclusive curriculum in New York’s public schools passed. It is one of our most significant achievements this session as a state party.

This resolution holds great personal significance for me as both a teacher and a parent. It supports the S.1729, and symbolizes our opposition to Florida’s discriminatory “Don’t Say Gay’’ law.

This resolution underscores our commitment to creating an inclusive environment where all children — including LGBTQIA+ students — feel accepted and supported. This is crucial for student well-being, and will reduce suicide rates and address the pervasive homophobia and discrimination faced by LGBTQIA+ individuals.

The passage of this resolution signifies that the state Democratic Party proudly champions inclusion, representation and tolerance throughout our great state. This helps everyone.

I am grateful and honored for the opportunity to serve the Northwest Bronx and represent you as a Democratic State Committee Member. It is a privilege to be a part of this wonderful community and contribute to its progress and success.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Feel free to communicate with me at morganstatecommittee@gmail.com.

Morgan Evers

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