State Dems need new leadership


To the editor:

I am Morgan Evers, one of two of your elected state Democratic Committee members representing the 81st Assembly District. The district I represent comprises the neighborhoods of Riverdale, Kingsbridge, Woodlawn, Van Cortlandt Village, Fieldston and Wakefield.

It’s incumbent upon me to address the troubling interview of Jay Jacobs, the leader of the New York State Democratic Party, on WNYC’s show hosted by Brian Lehrer. I have called on Jay Jacobs to resign, along with more than 1,000 state Democrats, following the November elections that resulted in the flipping of four congressional seats, and the election of Republicans.

New York’s Democratic losses ultimately handed the House majority to Republicans.

Jacobs criticized New York City elected officials during the interview, referring to them as “far left” radicals or extremists. He blamed the Democratic Party’s poor election results in the November election on progressives and the Democratic Socialists of America. Instead of outlining the party’s platform or explaining why voters should support Democrats on Election Day, he spent much of his time reading and criticizing the DSA platform.

As a member of the state Democratic committee, I find his message to be defensive and directionless. Instead of blaming fellow Democrats, Jacobs could have outlined his plans to reform the party and make gains in the 2024 election cycle.

A fresh vision for the state Democratic Party is needed. Does Jacob’s have a plan to energize all Democratic voters to show up to the polls?

The National Democratic Party has recognized the need for change in New York state. It’s been reported that the national party is investing significant resources to build infrastructure in New York to work independently of the state party and elect Democrats for the 2024 election cycle, including the next presidential and congressional races.

I believe in the Democratic Party’s values and its ability to make positive change for our communities. Voters do not want excuses or political feuds. They want to know that their elected officials are working for the people, and they want results.

Democratic voters seek a robust party platform presenting comprehensive strategies for public safety, equitable education, health care, transportation, climate justice, and rights including access to gender-affirming care and comprehensive women’s health care.

Our party needs to give Democrats in the Hudson Valley, upstate, on Long Island, and throughout New York City reasons to show up to the polls.

It’s time for new leadership and party reforms to lead us to needed victories.

Morgan Evers

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