This heist is surely no Pink Panther


It might as well have been a scene ripped straight from a Pink Panther movie.

A thief broke into an apartment on the 3200 block of Johnson Avenue on Feb. 10, stealing an assortment of jewelry.

And a lot of it, too — police valued the haul at more than $28,000.

The woman the jewelry belonged to told police she came home from work that afternoon to discover someone had picked the lock to her door.

Among the luxuries stolen, according to police, was a Cartier watch valued at $4,850, along with a Gucci bag she says cost $2,700.

And then there was $20,000 worth of other fine bijoux.

Thank goodness for solid detectives at the 50th Precinct, because otherwise it might have been Inspector Jacques Clouseau on the case.


‘Do-nut’ steal that!

Dunkin’s slogan claims America runs on the coffee and doughnut chain, but after this latest crime, maybe it should be changed to “Thieves run from Dunkin’.”

Employees showed up to the West 259th Street location in the early morning hours of Feb. 27, all ready to start putting up their baked wares when one of them heard some commotion toward the front of the store. It was there he found a small group of people rummaging through the cash register.

The thieves left the store with the cash, but not before they also snatched the employee’s phone. The group of five headed back toward the city on Riverdale Avenue, but not before making a stop at the nearby Skyview Shopping Center.

No arrests have been made.

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