Three men arrested in pellet gun shooting


Police arrested three men on Nov. 25 following a spate of pellet gun shootings in the 50th and 34th precincts over a three-day period, according to Citizens’ app.

A 52-year-old man was shot at by an unknown suspect in a car in Riverdale early morning Nov. 22, according to police from the 50th Precinct.

Police say the suspect was operating a black Honda Civic on the northwest corner of Henry Hudson Parkway and West 239th Street around 8 a.m. when they shot a pellet gun at the victim, creating serious risk of serious physical injury.

The vehicle operator fled the location. There have yet to be any arrests and an investigation is currently underway.

A black Honda civic was also seemingly linked to another incident in the 50th Precinct on the same day. On police radio chatter, accessed from the Citizen app, officers could be heard investigating a report of a person possibly shot with a pellet gun. The alleged incident was apparently at 503 West 259th Street. However, DCPI was not able to confirm this incident.

Days later on Nov. 25, a black Honda was again linked to an incident of a man being shot with a pellet gun on Isham Street and Broadway in Inwood, according to police radio chatter, accessed from Citizen. Police allegedly stopped the vehicle, arresting three people who were inside. This however has not been confirmed by DCPI.


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