Ticketers showed no mercy after snow


Once residents of the Amalgamated Housing Cooperative (AHC) managed to dig their cars out of the snow last month, they faced another problem: zealous parking enforcement officers issuing fines for the angular parking necessitated by residual banks of ice and snow. 

“People are frustrated with the fact that parking is so difficult to find,” said AHC Assistant Manager Jennifer Rankin. “They’re doing what they have to do.”

Once the co-op’s management heard numerous complaints about ticketing from residents, they decided to distribute flyers warning that unorthodox parking would garner $45 fines.

The co-op’s board also advised residents to shovel snow surrounding their cars or to find spots with little snow to interfere with their parking.  

The Amalgamated Houses, located south of Van Cortlandt Park, make 450 spots available to residents. Still, many of them have to park on the street. Even in fine weather, parking is difficult. According to Ms. Rankin, snow just exacerbated an already vexing parking situation. 

Management at the housing co-op did what they could to keep the walkways clear, but there was not much they could do about the streets. With piles of snow obstructing roads, drivers parked the only way they could, Ms. Rankin said.

Parking authorities did not reply to an e-mail requesting comment as of press time.

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