Trump was better at immigration


To the editor:

Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Mayor Eric Adams criticizes Texas governor Greg Abbott for busing thousands of migrants to New York City. Now, Adams turns around to send some of the same immigrants to motels in Rockland and Orange counties rented by New York City.

Was Rockland County Executive Ed Day and Orange County Executive Stefan Neuhaus provided advance notification? Will Adams soon do the same for Nassau and Suffolk counties?

The real solution involves securing our southern border with Mexico. Under President Biden’s watch, more than 5 million illegal immigrants have crossed. Now more are attempting the same at our Canadian border.

Homeland Security chief Alejandra Mayorkas has the nerve to claim the border is secure. With the ending of Title 42, which afforded us the opportunity to return many illegal immigrants back to their home county, the situation will only grow worse. 

Regardless of how you feel about former President Trump, under his watch the flow of illegals was less and border security better.

We have spent more than $100 billion to assist Ukraine in securing their border against the Russian invasion. It is time we spend whatever it takes to secure our border with both Mexico and Canada.

Larry Penner

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