Woman is scammed out of $240,000


A 66-year-old woman reported to police that over the course of several months she sent out $240,000 under the impression that she would be receiving $1 million in return.

The victim said she was contacted on an app by a trading company last year and told to invest money in crypto currency. They requested she send them the money to be exchanged in one month.

The woman sent the money Nov. 21 to April 16, but never received any money in return, investigators from the 50th Precinct said

Woman entrusts scammer with $32,000

A 73-year-old woman reported to police on April 15 she had been the victim of a scam. The woman received a notification on her computer that said it was “hacked.”

The woman said she was told to withdraw money from her account to fix the problem, so she removed $32,000 from her bank account, police said. A man came to her address, took the money and told her the problem on her computer would be fixed.



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