Women don’t belong in college


To the editor:

(re: “Ensure democracy by investing in education,” Oct. 13)

All schooling after high school is vocational in nature. College education and vocational training are synonymous terms that have little to do with the well-being of the population, other than a possibly economic impact.

The main purpose of education is the integral development of a person, which in simple terms, teaches us to function comfortably in society as we develop fundamental skills in communication and communal values such as spirituality, ethics and family focus, which includes the material requirements necessary to sustain it.

These principles — the understanding of which and their practice require development throughout life — can be learned by the time high school is completed.

Inculcating children in the importance of marriage and the responsibilities of parenthood should be paramount since the propagation and preservation of the species is the natural primary activity of all species — human and animal.

Western society serves as an exception — its focus is on the production and accumulation of things.

We take girls and young women out of the home and “educate” them so that they can be “independent” of men and offer their services in the marketplace. Let’s see the result of this independence and offering of services on Western society.

Female cirrhosis of the liver, female lung cancer, female depression and female suicide is at an all-time high, while sexually transmitted diseases are approaching all-time highs.

These statistics are alarming. They are a national disaster.

What happens to the mommy bear affects the baby bears, and let’s see how our children are faring.

Children are now shunted into preschool, in-school, and after-school programs because the demands of offering services does not allow time for the care of children. Children frequently eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at school where they are fed food that God didn’t design for humans to eat.

Many children have never experienced the tastiness of a nutritious home-cooked meal. Their immune systems are lowered as a result of poor nutrition, consequently childhood diseases are increasing.

The lack of parental involvement results in inadequate structure and nurturing love. Children are experiencing increased adjustment illnesses. They tend to migrate toward gangs in search of the love, companionship, and sense of belonging they are missing at home.

Gang membership rose 40 percent in a decade. Gang members get involved in criminal activity and end up in prison if they are not shot dead in the streets first.

The primary source of gang members are unwed mothers, and the second major source are broken and dysfunctional families.

The national foster care system is having increasing difficulty in placing the ever-growing numbers of children needing help. The women who offer their services to the market have children late, and thus eliminate grandmothers — those people who have been the focal point of family life since families were first established.

Society is experiencing a moral breakdown at all levels. Mass killings at various institutions have become commonplace. Stabbings, muggings and beatings take place in all segments of society.

Cameras are being placed in New York subways because we are a nation that can no longer conduct itself in an ethical manner, and therefore people in public places must be watched.

Increasing numbers of society are calling for more law and order. But we already have more men in prison than any other nation. Now we want to put more in prison. That doesn’t seem to be a matter of national concern. Wonder why?

The vocational training offered by college educations does not add to the well-being of society. It feeds the materialistic monster created by the lack of spiritual awareness and ethical values. It fosters the breakdown of structures necessary for the propagation and preservation of the species.

The requirements for a happy, healthy and harmonious human environment are spiritual awareness, gender understanding and family focus.

The emphasis on college educations and material accomplishment is destroying the natural family order and we are all paying the price.

George Silos

EDITOR’S NOTE: The author’s statistical claims have not been vetted, and should be treated as opinion.