Would a lawyer give me a call?


To the editor:

I refer to your article on the front page of the Dec. 8, 2016 Riverdale Press, starting with “Towing.” So far, I have been lucky and have not had a problem. However, my question to an attorney is: What happens if my wife goes into the supermarket to shop, I go across the street to shop, or vice versa, and I am towed. Can I sue for a huge amount of money thinking of my health or my wife’s health etc. 

It could happen.

I am not just talking about the towing charge, but a lot more. 

Also, I was told one can park in that lot for the K Restaurant down the street outside of the lot itself. Maybe also Carlos & Gabby’s. I would appreciate if a good attorney would address this. My number is 718-884-9790. I welcome a call from an attorney. 

Steve Littwin