Would-be burglar arrested at Timber Equities work site


Officers from the 50th Precinct thwarted an attempted burglary and arrested the perpetrator Friday, Feb. 17 at 39 Dash Place.

The Timber Equities construction site where a four-story residential building is underway. The site was previously burglarized on Feb. 6, with $21,180 worth of construction equipment taken.

According to the police report, security staff monitoring the site’s surveillance cameras saw a trespasser climb the gate and enter the property. The staff immediately alerted police. Officers rushed to the scene and apprehended the burglar, who was arrested and charged with burglary and criminal trespassing.

converter taken

The owner of a 2012 Jeep Liberty reported the vehicle’s catalytic converter was stolen Saturday, Feb. 11 while parked at the southeast corner of West 228th Street and Marble Hill Avenue.

He noticed nothing awry upon first returning to his vehicle, he told police, but when the engine didn’t start normally, he looked underneath the car and discovered the theft. The stolen car part is estimated to be worth $3,000.

The 50th Precinct is investigating the grand larceny.

Wheels and rims taken from SUV

The owner of a 2020 Honda CR-V reported the vehicle’s wheels and rims were stolen Wednesday, Feb. 15 while parked in front of 3228 Irwin Ave.

He told police he discovered the theft upon returning to his vehicle. Police said there was no other evidence left at the scene. The stolen wheels are worth $200 each and the rims are worth $400 each, making a total of $3,200 worth of property stolen.

The 50th Precinct is investigating the grand larceny.

Jiajue scooter snatched

The owner of a red Jiajue scooter reported the vehicle was stolen Thursday, Feb. 16 after he parked it in front of 3246 Kingsbridge Ave.

It was gone when he returned, he told police. The scooter was off at the time of the crime and the owner was in possession of the keys. It has an estimated value of $1,300.

There are cameras nearby which may provide footage of the incident to aid in the investigation, police said.

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