A quick peek into twisted world


To the editor:

It has been reported in a recent Guardian that AIPAC — the American Israeli Political Action Committee — is actively working to defeat Jewish candidates in congressional elections.

Taking a page out of the radical extremist right wing playbook where a litmus test is established, AIPAC is exhibiting the very antisemitic behavior it accuses others of.

Supporters of APIAC‘s behavior thus have become (unwilling?) pawns of radical right wing extremists , also exhibited by AIPAC’s money support of many of those Congress people who actively support an insurrection against the United States government.

There is unfortunately a sad conclusion: AIPAC, as also witnessed by its active participation in CPAC’s recent love fest with anti-Democratic Viktor Orban in Hungary, is now no more than a tool of the very same seditionists who are still attempting an overthrow of our still fairly elected government.

In my opinion, AIPAC is no more than just a twisted tool of radical right wing antisemitic seditionists. No Jew should be supporting such self-immolation Jewish antisemites: What has our twisted world come to?

Adam Stoler