Readers react to towing article and editorial


The Press has received many responses to the Dec. 8 article and editorial about towing. 

I’ll no longer shop at stores that condone towing

"The guy was standing there and already had lifted the back of the car up on the tow apparatus. I couldn’t believe it. I had not been gone more than five minutes"

Grace period, what grace period?

"The same band of unscrupulous towers has been busy at work on Johnson and 235th, in the Key Food parking lot. Any claims of a grace period are a 100-percent fabrication by Riverdale Towing Associates"

Fight harassing tow operators

"Spotters are also on the lookout if go across the street, even if you purchased something from a store on the lot property"

Would a lawyer give me a call?

"I am not just talking about the towing charge, but a lot more."

Want to ward off tow trucks? Expand paid parking

Having a paid parking-lot structure, with a customer validation stamp for participating merchants, can help mitigate what appears to be a regular reported Riverdale occurrence “they towed my car but...” and an absolute chronic shortage of affo