And what to do about Verizon?


To the editor:

(re: “A few bad parking habits happening at Skyview,” Nov. 17)

I read Stacy Driks’ front-page story with much interest. However true this story is, it did not include the Verizon FiOS trucks that have invaded Skyview’s fire hydrants for the past two weeks. They don’t even attempt to find an empty legal spot or to park where trucks are permitted to park between two of our buildings.

Apparently work is being done at Skyview by Verizon to install wiring for those who wish to contract for Verizon’s cable services. They are now installing this wiring attachment, leaving behind a mess behind for our staff to clean up.

I have made at least six complaints to 311 with photos. Apparently Verizon doesn’t care about all the tickets. I have spoken to several of their employees in the trucks. They shrug their shoulders and are extremely arrogant.

I have called Skyview security: They said that there is nothing they can do. Skyview management said they will call Verizon but, after all — and this is paraphrased — if someone wants to park illegally, there is nothing that they can do. I suggested that management tell Verizon that if they don’t stop blocking our hydrants, Skyview will not contract with Verizon for cable services.

Fat chance.

Again, big corporate greed does what it wants, and the hell with those who may suffer tragedy.

Myra Fasner

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