Being just a little hypocritical


To the editor:

Those attending the U.N. General Assembly could have led by example, especially when it comes to global warming and climate change. 

Hundreds of heads of state, ambassadors, military attaches and security personnel could have given up limousines taking them to and from their embassy, hotel or residency to the United Nations. These motorcades contributed to traffic gridlock and increased air pollution.

They could have joined several million New Yorkers by riding the subway or bus. 

Enjoy some fresh air and walk several blocks from any nearby subway or bus stop down 42nd Street to the United Nations. Mingle with ordinary citizens to develop a better understanding of America and its people.

If congestion pricing kicks in next year, they should not be exempt.

This includes any police, FBI or other law enforcement escorts whose vehicles should be billed to whomever they are assigned to protect. 

Larry Penner

LARRY PENNER, climate change, global warming, U.N. General Assembly