Blood on their hands


To the editor:

Even Republican legislators who know better are willing to cater to anti-scientific ignorance when it comes to COVID-19 vaccination in order to appeal to their party’s “flat Earth” ignoramuses.

They remind me of characters in the film about the famous evolution trial in Tennessee — the Scopes Trial of the 1920s — starring Spencer Tracy as Clarence Darrow and Frederic March as William Jennings Bryan.

Just look at the rankings of the 50 states plus the District of Columbia showing the percentages of their populations that have received at least one vaccination. As I write in early May, the top five of Vermont, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Connecticut and New Hampshiree are strongly Democratic.

The bottom five — Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Wyoming and Idaho — are bastions of Republicanism.

Those Republicans have a lot of blood and death on their hands.

Alan Saks

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Alan Saks,