Bowman giving wrong answer


To the editor:

(re: “Housing is a human right, and why we support shelter,” Nov. 11)

Recent events have left me perplexed.

If politics is local, our representative in congress has left his district exposed to an uncertain future.

Congressman Jamaal Bowman has constructed a “yes/no” persona.

He said “no” as one of only six Democrats and other members of “The Squad” to vote against the much-needed and heralded bipartisan infrastructure bill that already had passed the U.S. Senate. This despite the debacle engulfing Democrats as a consequence of its sharp rejection in the recent election.

It is now steadily apparent The Squad — in which Rep. Bowman is now a full-fledged member — has been discredited as the moving ideological force of the Democratic Party. In all likelihood, its influence, along with Bowman’s, has been — and will continue to be — greatly diminished.

It will be his congressional district that suffers.

On the other hand, despite the outcry of the local community, Rep. Bowman said “yes” to the construction of a homeless facility housing 130 single men on Broadway across the street from a youth baseball field, and the displacement of six commercial storefronts.

Yet again, it will be his district that suffers.

Yes or no, in or out, Rep. Bowman is leading his local district nowhere.

Abraham Kleinman

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Abraham Kleinman,