Camilo is right for Riverdale


To the editor:

(re: “‘Twister’ politics has led to nasty campaigns,” Aug. 11)

The recent edition of The Riverdale Press shocked me by entirely misquoting Miguelina Camilo.

As someone who has been following this race closely, I am thoroughly impressed by her poise and exemplary background. She has lived in Riverdale since 2016, and is running to represent her own community.

I have never heard her say anything as negative about her opponent as what last week’s editorial claimed.

She addressed a story that sought to question her residency based on outdated records in a restrained manner that is indicative of the moral character, which she will bring to Albany.

This civil temperament is not something seen in her opponent. Gustavo Rivera has a history of making cavalier profanity-laden statements that are inappropriate for a state senator.

I had been amazed at the foul language that he, as a public official, would use on his Facebook page. His documented public statements about supporting defund the police is another indication that Mr. Rivera is not right for this community.

Clearly, other tweets and his senate record show him as someone who uses dangerous rhetoric on the topic of Israel, without regard for the safety of our Jewish neighbors.

He falsely claimed endorsements that he has not received, and makes hypocritical attacks against Ms. Camilo as a core part of his campaign strategy.

We have had enough of leaders who baselessly and recklessly attack their opposition, making crude and unbecoming statements, and seeking to mislead people.

The Riverdale Press has a responsibility to its readership to report accurate information in balanced fashion, and although editorials certainly are a place where opinions are welcome, it is still a violation of journalistic ethics to knowingly publish falsehoods.

Miguelina Camilo is an attorney who clearly has demonstrated her integrity and her respect for the political process, and I would like to see our local paper publish accurate information about her.

Michael Heller

The author is the Democratic state committeeman for Jeffrey Dinowitz’s Assembly district, and former Ben Franklin Club president

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