de Blasio temporarily halts alternate-side parking enforcement

Move comes after heavy lobbying from Cohen, Dinowitz


People staying at home and away from their cars during the coronavirus crisis can now do so without worrying about moving their car once aweek to the other side of the street. At least for now.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has suspended alternate-side parking enforcement until March 24, and at that time, will take a deeper look at a potential longer-term suspension. 

The efforts to suspend alternate-side parking in the community originated with Councilman Andrew Cohen and Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, citing some of the self-quarantining already in progress after SAR High School and SAR Academy were two of the first schools in the state to shut down because of the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19.

"We are facing a neaerly unprecedented global health crisis with a domestic epicenter in our very own backyard," the Assemblyman and the councilman said, in a release. "Amid the larger conversation about schools, employment, health care and more — people should not have to worry about where they are storing their cars. This is a time when we should be focused instead on taking care of ourselves, protecting others, and making sure that our city comes together to get through the coronavirus pandemic."

Anyone who has received a ticket while in self-quarantine before the suspension can appeal to the city's finance department, providing medical documentation or testimony, which can be considered when their case is reviewed. This documentation can include an order from the city's health department for mandatory isolation, or for those who do it voluntarily, calls and texts from the department, or a note instructing self-quarantine from the health department or a doctor.

Parking meters are still enforced throughout the city.

This story was updated to include information on how to appeal tickets given before the suspension went into effect. 

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