Don’t forget Fr. McCarthy


To the editor:

(re: “We will never forget,” Sept. 15)

Your recent edition had a front page photo of the 9/11 commemoration at Endor Community Garden. The photo showed three people, but your caption identified only two of the individuals. I’m sure that the two people being political was just a coincidence.

The third person in the photo was Father Brian McCarthy, pastor of St. Margaret of Cortona Church. The photo clearly showed that he was offering a prayer on this most solemn day for so many residents of our community, and certainly for those attending at Endor Garden.

Why didn’t The Riverdale Press identify Father McCarthy? He has served this community for so many years faithfully and with empathy. And this was a prayerful moment, and not a political one.

It is hard to understand why The Press would slight this good servant like this. It never seems to happen to our politicos.                            

James Dalton