Guardian angels for us


To the editor:

With all of the negativity going on in these most distressful times, I had to do a shout-out to three wonderful Riverdalians who came to my rescue on April 19.

I have been an avid walker in Riverdale for many years. On the morning of April 19, I was completing my morning power walk. I was across the street from P.S. 81 and lost my footing.

I took a horrendous fall. I fell on my arm and hit my head on the cement ground.

Three amazing men came to my rescue. I was bleeding from my forehead, and couldn’t move my arm. One of the men lifted me up to allow me to sit on the wall. They never left my side. They called an ambulance and took care of me until it arrived.

I ended up with a broken elbow, which required surgery. And I needed to have the gash on my forehead closed.

I am forever grateful to these men for their compassion and willingness to help me to safety. I hope they read this letter and realize how grateful that I will always be to them.

Cheryl Teplitzky

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Cheryl Teplitzky,