It’s not just for senior citizens


To the editor:

(re: “Why not pickleball? It’s worth investment,” Aug. 25)

I’m one of those fighting to bring pickleball to Seton Park. But I must clarify something written in a recent editorial.

Pickleball is definitely not a game just for senior citizens. It may have started out that way, but no more.

Children of all ages can be seen engaging in this rage, and the pro ranked No. 1 is definitely not a senior.

You can watch this on a recent segment that was featured on the “Today” show.

Any why is the Bronx the forgotten borough? The only court in Van Cortlandt Park must have been an after-thought. It is not fenced off, so running after the ball — which rolls off the court — is not part of the game.

Who can help us get in on the pickleball rage? This is now not only the fastest-growing sport, but it is social — and lots of fun, too, for everyone interested in a new activity.

I have reached out to our local politicians — as have others — as well as 311 and the city’s parks department.

Please help us get that yellow ball going in our neighborhood. We need to make this a reality, not just a dream. There is ample space by the unused basketball court in Seton Park.

Any other suggestions are welcome.

Carol Stricker

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