Minds more righteous


To the editor:

(re: “Housing is a human right, and why we support shelter,” Nov. 11)

U.S. Rep. Jamaal Bowman and state Sen. Alessandra Biaggi have written an opinion piece that I found simplistic, insulting and disingenuous.

They support building a shelter for 130 homeless men in a neighborhood where there are no means or facilities to help them find jobs, or subway transportation to get them there.

Mr. Bowman and Ms. Biaggi declare that because we are a loving and accepting community, we should take into our midst jobless men who, in their words, “fall into drug use and addiction.”

Mr. Bowman voted against the Democratic-sponsored infrastructure bill. Let me repeat that: Mr. Bowman voted against the bill that would have brought federal money to the city to pay for much-needed transportation and infrastructural needs.

Instead he wants to take our much-needed tax money to build a shelter for men who may — only if they wish — get counseling and attend life skills workshops rather than searching the neighborhood for food, clothing and pocket money they’ll immediately need.

I hope saner and more righteous minds will prevail.

Rhoda Alben-Aronson

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