More thought needed for Knolls


To the editor:

As a resident of Spuyten Duyvil, I’m constantly shocked and disturbed over the obvious and continuous deteriorating conditions of the entire Knolls Crescent shopping area.

Beside the fact that we, in this area, have no substantial supermarkets, no bank, and many stores actually closed, the actual buildings themselves are physically neglected. Attempts to discuss this horrible decay and lack of appropriate and much-needed stores in this area with our so-called representatives are met with annoyance and actual ignorance as to where this Knolls Crescent area is located.

Here in Spuyten Duyvil, we are forced to have a Metro-North train station in a deplorable state, while construction workers take over all of the available parking, no shuttle service for anyone residing along Palisade Avenue, and again, attempts to discuss these needed improvements and quality of life issues with our so-called elected officials are met with annoyance and ignorance over what — and where — this station is.

Spuyten Duyvil is a beautiful and scenic location, surrounded by nature, the beautiful Hudson River, and views of the Palisades. Yet, the continuous neglect — and lack of even a much-needed supermarket — and the eyesore of the deteriorated Knolls Crescent and Spuyten Duyvil Metro-North station, gives the message that the residents here do not matter.

It’s only pre-election time do we even hear from these so-called elected officials. Spuyten Duyvil needs — and is seriously overdue — for quality of life improvements to bring necessities into our lives here.

Our elected officials want our votes without doing their jobs.

Diane Perillo

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Diane Perillo,