Name-calling is unnecessary


To the editor:

(re: “Winning isn’t everything when talking impeachment,” Dec. 5)

I am writing in response to your piece published in a recent edition by Alvin Gordon.

Since moving to Riverdale 22 years ago, I have read your paper each week, and I know you pride yourself in printing everything that is sent to you. However, editorial discretion should have been exercised when faced with vulgar and unnecessary words in Mr. Gordon’s screed.

While I am honestly interested in reading opinions from those whose views differ from mine, I am less disposed to continue reading when such words like those used by Mr. Gordon are used. The first time I saw the word, used to describe a former U.S. Senator, I was offended, but kept reading. But when the writer used the word again regarding a current member of the House, I felt that he could not effectively express himself in a way it would be worth my time to read any further.

So, Mr. Gordon, whatever you wanted to say was lost on me. I know that in your eyes, that makes me an overly sensitive “snowflake” (whatever that is), but be aware that if you had simply expressed your thoughts with more dignity, I would have certainly read through to the end.

To The Riverdale Press, I ask that you be a bit more proactive in making sure that your public forum is used by people who express ideas in a proper manner. All voices should be heard, but in a way that is both appropriate and persuasive.

Steve Markbreiter

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Steve Markbreiter,