Nancy Pelosi has some nerve


To the editor:

Former House Speaker and current California Democratic congresswoman Nancy Pelosi has some nerve calling on Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign due the ongoing invasion of Gaza, a growing humanitarian crises, and his lack of support for a two state solution.

I was not aware Pelosi was a citizen of Israel and member of the Israel Knesset.  Since when does any member of Congress have a right to tell another nations leader to resign from office?

Israel has every right to preserve its security by eliminating Hamas. The crises would not have taken place had Hamas not launched its Oct. 7 terrorist attack. 

Pelosi has lost her way by not supporting securing our own border with both Mexico and Canada. We have no idea how many terrorists, criminals, gang members, drug dealers and pedophiles were among the 7 million illegal migrants who have come into our nation without being first vetted.

Pelosi no longer really stands with Israel. Her constituents and financial campaign contributors should return the favor and not support her for another term in the upcoming 2024 November general election.

Larry Penner

Larry Penner