No justice on the ballot


To the editor:

The current 2022 ballot measures are supposedly to enhance social justice in New York.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Politicians use terms like “social justice,” but establish discord, hostility and deceit, while enriching themselves and their friends. They want to give jobs and contracts to their special groups for political ends and profits. The idea of civil service was to downplay preferential treatment.

With their changes they will institute preferential treatment for certain groups over others.

If justice is blind so as to make law equal, this is not equal. So, no justice.

By creating special treatment for certain groups, hostility and divisiveness are instituted. If this is to correct past inequity, it won’t. It will only create more inequity. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Keeping groups divided is an age-old political control tactic. Divide and conquer to control.

The rewarding of contracts to special groups invites cronyism.

An insider gang decides who will gain financially and who won’t. Financial kickbacks to connected politicians create a mafia class, not civil servants we elect and pay to run our town.

Vytautas Vileniskis

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