NY Health is indeed affordable


To the editor:


The recent “Fox & Friends” Twitter poll showed 73 percent of respondents support Medicare for all. Despite (more scientific) prior polling showing similar national support, “Fox & Friends” had likely expected, “Hell, no! Too pricey!”

In a lengthy study examining every aspect of the New York Health Act, the conservative Rand Corp., confirmed in a reported issued Aug. 1 that doubters are wrong and that yes, New York State not only can afford comprehensive, cost-effective coverage, but that it can provide net savings for 95 percent of New Yorkers over what they are paying now in premiums and co-pays.

Because New York Health is the only plan that has all the econometrics worked out, the report verifies that our state can include long-term care in addition to covering primary, preventive, specialists, hospital, mental health, reproductive health, dental, vision, hearing, prescription drugs, lab tests, and medical tests.

Not new news for New Yorkers, single-payer costs less. 

The Rand Corp., bastion of corporate conservatism for almost 75 years, just concluded an exhaustive analysis of New York Health (that will bring “improved Medicare for all New York” to our state). 

Rand confirmed that almost all of us will pay less for health care with New York Health than we pay now. 

The New York Health tax will eliminate health care premiums and out-of-pocket expenses, giving all of us comprehensive, affordable care — the cost only going up when our income does.

Better news: Rand also concluded that New York Health will save us enough over time to include paid home care services and long-term care for less than our current health care system costs. 

Keep in mind that most seniors in nursing homes end up covered by Medicaid after they have exhausted all assets. 

Millions of Americans worry about this, with many of them quitting their jobs to take care of loved ones in their homes — for months, for years.

Barbara Estrin

Barbara Estrin