OK, so let’s talk about our streets


To the editor:

(re: “Streets are just too dangerous,” Aug. 11)

Richard Serviss’ letter resonated with me. 

It is an often stressful, terrifying experience for pedestrians to negotiate the Johnson Avenue shopping area, as well as other parts of Riverdale and Kingsbridge these days. 

Many motorists disregard traffic laws and basic courtesy and do not yield to pedestrians. Most deliverymen on motorized bikes and scooters ride on sidewalks and run through red lights and stop signs, ignoring pedestrians who might be in their way. 

Yesterday, I was almost hit by one of them.

I, too, was told by one of our public officials that “nothing can be done.” The way to build a decent society where public safety and quality of life are valued is to creatively look for solutions. 

I urge our Assemblyman, councilman, future state senator and congressman to bring together all the parties concerned for a town hall meeting on street safety.

Police, business leaders, the city’s transportation department and Community Board 8 should be involved, with opportunity for the public to provide testimony. 

Together, we can — and must — find solutions to improve street safety and prevent future tragedies.

Alisa Eilenberg

Alisa Eilenberg, streets, Richard Serviss, Johnson Avenue