Our workers are being exploited


To the editor:

(re: “Retirees fear supplemental insurance switch,” Sept. 29)

Forcing retired municipal workers into a for-profit Medicare Advantage health plan is cost-cutting for who? 

Objectively this will not benefit city retirees — especially cost-wise — and those with the least resources will be harmed the most. 

Being a retired public school teacher, I am particularly annoyed that the United Federation of Teachers supports this move.

As I understand, the UFT used its political muscle in opposition to the New York Health Act, a bill for single-payer universal health care in New York state.

Unions were created to protect workers from being exploited. Our for-profit health care system exploits all of us when we are in need. To realize the exploitation and inefficiencies one only needs to look at the numbers. That would include the total amount of money spent on health care, our overall health outcomes, and the amount of medical debt incurred.

The number of fatalities from the COVID-19 pandemic and the number of drug overdoses from opioid addiction can also be attributed to our for-profit health care system.

If our representatives want to show courage and provide affordable health care for all — and cut costs at the same time — they need to support and push for the passage of the New York Health Act.

David Carlson

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