Please look into this some more


To the editor:

How is this not the most important story in Riverdale at this time?

A recent search of COVID-19 data by ZIP code shows the death rate in 10471 and 10463 to be higher than that of the Bronx, and of New York City. Does The Riverdale Press have the resources to investigate the demographics of all of the people who passed away in Riverdale from COVID-19 complications?

I had always assumed that Riverdale residents had higher median incomes, more education and better access to health care. In spite of this, deaths in Riverdale ZIP codes show death rates higher than New York City, and the Bronx overall.

This is not what I had expected. Are my assumptions about Riverdale demographics correct? Or not?

Can The Press investigate this? Is there anything we can learn about why Riverdale experienced an excessive death rate?

Is there anything we can do differently so we can do better in the event of future pandemics?

I believe we have enough data at this point to answer questions about Riverdale and COVID-19 deaths. I can’t think of anything more worthwhile for The Press to investigate at this time.

Michael O’Brien

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Michael O’Brien,