Still no room for migrants here in Riverdale


To the editor:

(re: “Take bigotry far away from here,” July 13)

Responding to Adam Stoler’s sick diatribe and “chutzbah” using the Riverdale Press, a paper I respected for years. Sounds like I have no right to speak my voice on this platform. Last I looked, I still have my Constitutional right to speak my mind, but that right seems to be fading in America.

I respect your right to express opinions, but find your remarks revolting. Basically, I couldn’t care less about your disgust. You call me filthy names such as “racist” and “bigot” when you know nothing of me other than my views in paragraph to the newspaper. You have no idea what I bring to this world as a person, father and husband, so you cannot judge me, yet you use the press to do so.

You flung Yiddish words that you felt I needed translations for, and I do not. You correlate my views with the third worst mayor this city has ever had following your Honorable David Dinkins, and Bill de Blasio. I find your remarks caustic as my grandparents came here through Ellis Island — but legally — and were vetted, checked for diseases, and all else those immigrants endured coming to America.

Yes, tragically many turned away, as they attempted to flee oppression. Let’s not turn my rebuttal into a historical review, but blame your Democratic president at the time, Mr. Roosevelt, for having a hand in that. Blame this entire current Democratic administration for opening the borders without screening.

Not all migrants are fleeing oppression. Those who are, I have “rachmones” for. Others who are bringing in drugs, sex trafficking, terrorists who are already here that hate America, and cartels, I don’t care for.

Stop watching CNN, and get your facts straight! You don’t know who they are, and again the Department of Homeland Security doesn’t know either. Yet, that’s what can wind up on our streets, destroying our communities.

There are places outside of the inner city and suburbs to house migrants. Question this corrupt government — both federal and local — why they let so many in that are unvaccinated, no background checks, and a great financial burden.

You spend your time as a far-left liberal Marxist supporter to insult me, as I am simply a fellow looking out for his community and country. A “racist” is a person who calls someone else a “racist,” especially if you don’t know them. Our country can improve if you listen to me and I listen to you. But if you damn the person because you don’t like what they say, you’re heading for communism.

Regarding the 45th president, I pray he will be the 47th to restore this country to normalcy. If so, it’s time for you to move. If you love the migrants, put them in your home. You can teach them Yiddish! You can also teach them what a “schmuck” and “putz” are for writing such a “disgusting” letter to the editor.

Mitch Kaufman

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