Thank you, Ritchie Torres


(Re: “Pro-Palestine supporters: ‘Torres supports genocide,’” Oct. 26.)

To the Editor:

Many thanks to Rep. Ritchie Torres for his courageous support of Israel in the aftermath of horrific terror attacks as well as ongoing threats.  I regret that he has to endure absurd vilification by pro-terror Jew-haters such as those who picketed his office on Oct. 24.  

In your coverage of the anti-Israel rally, the Press included a photo of bearded men dressed in ultra-orthodox attire holding a poster inscribed with vicious lies about the Jewish State.  These men are likely part of a small fringe, virulently anti-Zionist sect (“Neturei Karta”) that perversely finds common cause with Israel’s most violent enemies.  They do not represent mainstream Judaism or the larger ultra-orthodox  community.  Both here and in Israel, where many of them live, ultra-orthodox Jews support their Jewish brothers and sisters throughout the world.  

In this agonizing time when Hamas has murdered, tortured, kidnapped, and mutilated so many Israelis, ultra-orthodox are offering prayers, raising funds, and volunteering to help with Israel’s defense and survival. They are hard at work assisting the 200,000 homeless Israelis who have been displaced by Hamas attacks on southern Israel and Hezbollah missiles from Lebanon aimed at northern Israel.  The ultra-orthodox community is helping Israeli soldiers with food and material needs as well as boosting morale with caring spiritual support.

The sect depicted in the photo are not at all representative of the vast majority of Jews across varied ethnic and cultural backgrounds, regardless of denominations or beliefs.  Appearances can be deceiving.


Alisa Eilenberg

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