Trump-like attacks against Rivera


To the editor:

I realize typically that this paper limits the number of times a letter from one person will be published.

However, I cannot just sit back when I see a full-born negative attack ad — paid for by the folks who do such work for Donald Trump — attacking the honorable senator, Gustavo Rivera.

What are these groups so afraid of? Why do they misleadingly lie in this full-page ad?

Simply put, they are deathly afraid that their voices will be shut out in Albany, and that our voices — those of Gustavo’s constituents — will be heard.

Imagine that: We get a voice, and wealthy special interests don’t!

Don’t be fooled into being scared. Don’t buy the lies. When you have nothing to sell that people want to buy, this is what you do. This is “dark money”

Vote for integrity.

Vote for honesty.

Vote for the person with the track record, not the empty and misleading promises. Vote for the honorable senator Gustavo Rivera.

How refreshing integrity is.

Adam Stoler