Trump will go to court eventually


To the editor:

It does not take a brain surgeon to figure out something is rotten in Denmark. I believe we are looking at a massive case of judicial corruption. It is likely we will see calls from Washington to Judge John Holcomb or another more senior judge within the federal district court system of Central California, and then we will see that senior judge call Holcomb within a few minutes of that call with clear instructions. What is clear is that there is no organic way this case would have been dismissed in an honest judicial system. The judge planned on a hearing May 6 to weigh all motions, and the plaintiff arranged for testimony from the former president and a senior U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission attorney to verify that SEC chair Gary Gensler was aiding and abetting in crimes that implicated as many as 60 powerful U.S. Senators. With a warehouse of evidence provided by the plaintiff that would leave any jury to conclude the government and its federal employees were participating in major crimes in exchange for campaign contributions and direct cash payoffs — including DOJ officials. And the CIA captured phone calls related to the money laundering and payoffs. Ten years of telephone conversations. For a normal court — and a normal judge — that would be enough to move to discovery and then trial. But just to be sure, the plaintiff subpoenaed brief video testimony from former President Trump and Sue Curtin, a senior SEC investigative attorney, to confirm Gary Gensler’s role in these crimes. The court could not let that happen, and unexpectedly dismissed the case without comment. Only an idiot could possibly believe this was all appropriate and on the up and up. You know what they say — the cover-up is often worse than the crime. It may be up to the press at this point to see anything good come of this. As a pro se plaintiff, I will do my best to secure those phone records and draw a line between the powerful politicians that were implicated in this case and the judge or judges. I will also pursue an appeal on constitutional grounds, but it is now my fear that those appellate judge positions go first to those most loyal to the Washington swamp, and then and only then to those most qualified. We are truly living in a banana republic.

Richard Lawless

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