Ways of making voting easier


To the editor:

I recently received a last-minute booklet regarding four ballot proposals for the upcoming election.

The second, third and fourth proposals are for New York City residents only. Proposal 2 would put a “guide for government” into the New York City charter, and is totally unnecessary if ethical candidates are elected to office.

Proposal 3 would establish a “racial equity commission” for New York City, while Proposal 4 would establish an agency to report on “the true cost of living” in New York City — as if we don’t already know.

I urge New Yorkers to vote “no” on these absurd proposals!

Proposal 1 is statewide and seeks to authorize the comptroller to issue up to $4.2 billion worth of infrastructure repair and upgrade bonds for municipal water and sewage systems.

The kicker here is that up to $1.5 billion of the bond sales may be used for “climate change mitigation.”

Now, Solyndra was a company established during the Obama presidency to create solar panels for renewable energy. Solyndra was supposed to create many jobs — which it did until it went bankrupt, and the jobs were lost, along with hundreds of millions of taxpayer and investor dollars. P

Please vote “no” on Proposal 1 as well.

Paul Birnbaum

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