Why not speak up?


To the editor:

(re: “Check politics at the door,” Dec. 12)

We are faced with the threat of MTA express bus service cuts, which will have an adverse community impact, especially on vulnerable populations like senior citizens.

However, you criticize a community board committee chair, Eric Dinowitz, for blowing the whistle and attempting to mobilize community opposition. Why? Because another community board committee chair has first jurisdiction on the matter.

“They (the traffic and transportation committee) already had MTA officials scheduled to attend its December meeting, and this would have been a perfect opportunity for everyone — including other committee chairs, like Dinowitz — to attend and to have their specific issues addressed.”

When the Metropolitan Transportation Authority walks into Community Board 8’s transportation committee room, they should already understand that our community is up in arms over these proposed service cuts. All of the expressions of opposition have an effect on how the state agency sees the situation.

Both Eric Dinowitz and Dan Padernacht — the other community board chair — are running for city council. Good. Let their candidacies serve the community interest. I hope they both use their respective perches to weigh in to help stymie the MTA’s plans.

And maybe an editorial taking the same perspective from our local newspaper would be helpful, too.

Bruce Feld

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Bruce Feld,