Woolford has no local voter support in Assembly quest


To the editor:

Jeff Dinowitz, who has represented our community well for many years, is being challenged in the June 28 primary by Jessica Woolford. Although a new face for us, Ms. Woolford is not exactly a newcomer to politics, having been on the payrolls of a party committee, a mayor, a union and a U.S. Senator.

I would think she would want to demonstrate her connection to our area, demonstrating her local support. However, her campaign expenditure filings are raising more questions than they are answering.

Why doesn’t she have more support in our Assembly district — the one she’s running to represent in Albany? More than 40 percent of the dollars she’s raised have come from outside New York state.

About a fifth of her donations come from within our state, but don’t come from our district.

That is, three of every five dollars she’s raised come from people who don’t live here.

As for the money raised from our neighbors, only 44 have given. The 81st Assembly district has well over 100,000 residents.

Ira Bigeleisen

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