Are coyotes really the problem?


To the editor:

(re: “You should beware of the coyotes,” Jan. 19)

In her recent letter to the editor, Sura Jeselsohn recommends we euthanize coyotes who bite small dogs or children — or maybe all coyotes within the city limits, this is not clear.

First, let’s get the terminology straight. To euthanize means to put a suffering and hopelessly ill or injured living creature out of his or her misery. But the coyotes are not in misery. Like squirrels, raccoons, feral cats, stray dogs, bears — and even eagles and sea gulls — they are foraging for food, and sometimes — especially if sick — can be dangerous.

She means we should kill them. Yet, if we had not built highways, shopping malls,  fast food restaurants, parking lots, airports, movie theaters, amusement parks, stadiums, and housing where they live — and destroyed their natural habitats, or had at least taken the trouble to relocate them — had respected their environments and their right as our fellow creatures to live in peace, there would be no issue.

Maybe we should get to the root of the problem and ban real estate developers. 

Edward Beller

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