Councilmen focus on cameras


Councilmen Ydanis Rodriguez, Fernando Cabrera and the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) formally announced the installation of closed-circuit television cameras in the Marble Hill Houses on Oct. 3.

Though workers began assessing Marble Hill for camera installation in late August, the councilmen, who earmarked money for the project, the tenants’ association and NYCHA Chair John Rhea organized the event to commend the community on its advocacy for the security equipment and outline its implementation.

NYCHA anticipates completing the installation of 53 cameras in all 11 of Marble Hill’s buildings by the end of the year. The cameras will connect to a security center, where police can easily access footage if criminal activity is reported.

Mr. Rodriguez, who allocated $395,000 toward the project, urged the community to collaborate to protect the cameras from vandals and ensure that the long-awaited resource deters crime.

“I believe the first job of government is to make people feel protected and safe,” said Mr. Cabrera, who allocated $230,00 to the project. “This is a new day, it’s a new day for the neighborhood.”

Paulette Shomo, president of the New Marble Hill Tennant Association, encouraged the councilmen to try to secure more funding, saying some buildings are set to receive more cameras than others.