Do not appoint Hector LaSalle


To the editor:

When Gov. Kathy Hochul won her election last November, Democrats across the state expected that she would select a chief justice of the New York Court of Appeals who would support basic elements of the Democratic platform — including reproductive freedom and the right to organize.

Instead, Hochul nominated Justice Hector LaSalle, who is anything but supportive of abortion and worker rights.

What’s going on here?

New Yorkers deserve a chief justice who unequivocally protects abortion access and the right to unionize.

There are nominees who would maintain these rights while bringing diversity to the bench. Hector LaSalle is not that person.

We oppose Gov. Hochul’s nomination, and urge every New York state senator to stand with us.

Democrats worked hard to pull out this election for Gov. Hochul. She should not disappoint us — especially now, just a few short weeks after her hard-fought victory.

Hats off to state Sens. Robert Jackson and Gustavo Rivera for their leadership against this unacceptable nomination.

Abigail Martin

Ramdat Singh

The authors are the Democratic district leaders for Assembly district represented by Jeffrey Dinowitz. Their opinion represents a group that includes Morgan Grant-Evers — a Democratic state committee member — as well as acting Unity Democratic Club president Betsey Knapp and acting vice president Danielle Guggenheim

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