How about a focus on health?


To the editor:

As of this writing (on Nov. 30), we don’t know how the new U.S. Congressional tax bill will actually settle. But it seems mightily unfeasible for all but the wealthy. To give even more tax breaks to corporations and the rich, the Senate has decided to repeal the individual mandate.

The Republicans in the House already have taken away medical deductions, the one bit of help that families with huge medical expenses have. Both chambers have let the Children’s Health Insurance Program — especially helpful to the poor in the Bronx — lapse. 

Senators admit they will begin to chip away at Medicare and Medicaid — Americans of all ages will suffer.

So it’s time for New Yorkers to separate ourselves out from national policies and urge our state senators — Republicans and Democrats alike — to support the New York Health Act with all their might. It’s Medicare for all — and paid with progressive premiums to the state. 

That’s single-payer. Delivery of care remains private. New Yorkers will be covered for all medically necessary services, including doctor, hospitals, preventive, mental health, reproductive health, dental, vision, hearing, prescription drug, and medical supply costs.

Patients would regain free choice of doctors — rather than having to find in-network physicians and hospitals — and doctors would regain autonomy over patient care. That’s capitalism at its best.

But much of what happens depends on our urging our state senators to vote for this wonderful legislation. We need to gather with our neighbors — young and old — forming a new coalition of New Yorkers. Via emails, calls, letters and demonstrations, we need to demand our right to health care for all. 

That’s citizenship at its best!

Helen Krim

Helen Krim