Just don't believe the government


To the editor:

Some of the doctors with Children’s Health Defense said the public is being lied to about mask wearing, and told us why.

• Mask wearing can cause carbon dioxide toxicity, and is emotionally damaging to children.

• Breathing in oxygen, without obstruction, strengthens the heart and immunity.

• On the back of a box of masks, it states “this does not eliminate the transmission of COVID-19 or any other virus or disease of which we were shown.” I also checked this out at a local pharmacy.

• Studies have been done showing mask wearing by surgeons does not cut down on transmission of germs, but hand-washing between patients significantly does. Surgeons wear masks out of habit and tradition.

We are pumped with so much propaganda that people believe it as truth. There are posters on the Metro-North train with a picture of a woman wearing a mask with the title “state of respect,” when in reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

Posters like this contribute to you losing your Constitutional rights. Masks are just one form of domination and control used by our government. Every Constitutional right you enjoy came at a high cost because our soldiers served, died or were injured, and these Constitutional rights are slowly being taken away from you.

I respect people who make the choice to get a vaccine, but I also respect the people who have made the decision not to. As we know, too many people who have been vaccinated are now testing positive for COVID-19. Our government lied about us being protected from this virus, as they lied when they said the vaccinated will no longer have to wear masks.

Ah, yes. The delta variant is the reason. Well, folks, there are two more variants coming our way. One is called “alligator alley” and the other “crawdaddy.” I’m kidding, of course.

There will always be a reason to keep you under their thumb.

Judges, doctors, scientists, Mark Zuckerberg and the Bill Gates of the world are making millions on this vaccine. I do believe in the honest frontline doctors such as Simone Gold and scientists such as Michael Yeadon who have been fired and censored from Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for voicing their concerns about this vaccine.

Our nation is supposed to be about freedom of speech. These doctors and scientists are heroes, too, because they risked their jobs to try to get the truth to the people.

Our government and politicians are trying to pit Americans against each other using fear tactics, propaganda, and leaning toward a communist dictatorship regime. It is your government and politicians who stole your freedom, destroyed your businesses, and ruined your children’s futures — not the unvaccinated.

Andrea Tekirian

EDITOR’S NOTE: There is no evidence to support some of the claims in this letter, and is presented here solely as the author’s opinion. Children’s Health Defense is an anti-vaccination group founded by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., which presents claims that have been systemically debunked not only during this pandemic, but also when the group was formerly known as World Mercury Project.

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Andrea Tekirian,