Let's not get caught up in names


To the editor:

Actually enjoying the PC crowd and communist Chinese making fools of themselves over the Wuhan virus. Let’s keep in mind that this virus was discovered by two Chinese doctors who were censored by the government after they warned co-workers about it last November.

Both doctors are now dead.

If the paranoid, ever-deceitful Community Party leadership had openly recognized the problem in early December instead of January, perhaps thousands of others would have not been infected. They were, as usual, more interested in “saving face” and protecting their commercial interests than in openly dealing with the problem.

Does anybody really think that the German measles or Spanish flu is an attack against these nationalities? How about Ebola named after a river in the Congo, or the Zika virus named after a forest in Uganda — are these more examples of racism? Seriously?

Personally, I don’t like the name “coronavirus,” as I think it disrespects an area in Queens that has nothing to do with any virus. Which is much more than I can say about lily-white Lyme, Connecticut, and their damn ticks. And what about those germ-carrying American Legion veterans who give us Legionnaires’ disease?

So while our elected leaders — like them or not — in Washington and Albany try their best to handle this latest epidemic, the buffoons of mainstream media have created yet another partisan “dog and pony” show over the various names of a virus.

And let’s not forget that various Chinese and Iranian propagandists that are parroting that either the United States or Israel created this virus as a bioweapon. Anybody remember when the Soviets blamed the AIDS epidemic on the polio vaccine?

In sum, the sensitive Chinese government no longer has to worry about criticism anymore as they have expelled the evil American journalists that work for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.

Lou Deholczer

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Lou Deholczer,